Shenique “Nikki” Whymns is a proud Caribbean-American woman, born in Nassau, Bahamas. She is now a US citizen residing in the city of Sandy Springs, Atlanta in the great southern state of Georgia. Nikki started representing her island nation at a young age on the world stage through pageantry. 

She held the 2003 Cindy Thompson Miss Teen Bahamas title, 2005 Bahamas Debutante of the Year title, 2006 Theodore Elyette Miss Teen Bahamas World title, 2006 Miss Teen Caribbean title (pageant held in Trinidad), and most recently, the Ms. Georgia Global Continental title 2022.

Serving others in the capacity of a national and international public figure launched Shenique into philanthropy quite naturally. She has spearheaded youth development programs in The Bahamas and the state of Georgia. She served as PTA President at her late son’s elementary school in Lawrenceville, GA from 2016-2019. 

Ms. Whymns has facilitated disaster relief fundraising efforts for numerous Caribbean countries in the wake of various natural disasters occurring over the last 15 years.

Nikki has most recently founded the BLT GOD TUF street-wear brand and Children’s Fund to commemorate the memory of her 11 year old son, Michael Jonathan Morgan II, who passed away on June 2nd, 2021. 

Micheal’s birthday was just three weeks away on June 23rd. His funeral was held on June 18th, 2021 in Lawrenceville, GA where he grew up. 

Throughout Michael's life, Nikki made it a point to ensure that he learned about and experienced his Caribbean roots. Young Michael visited his mother's island of birth; Nassau, Bahamas on numerous occasions and he never got enough.

It is with great sincerity and honorable tribute that the inaugural Caribbean-American Scholarship Gala is held on what would have been Mikey's 14th birthday. Michael enjoyed learning. He was a gifted student who always made the honor roll. He had high hopes for a successful future and therefore, would undoubtedly find a scholarship award to a deserving Caribbean-American student a most fitting tribute. 

Considering Shenique’s deep-rooted love for her community, Caribbean culture, and everlasting love for her son Michael, the month of June is a significant month to her for multiple reasons. 

That is primarily why she is wholeheartedly committed to the success of this Caribbean-American Heritage Celebratory Event. She looks forward to expanding the event to feature even more eventful occasions including a family festival with phenomenal Caribbean music and dance performances, as well as multicultural expositions and vendors. 

Ms. Whymns is a senior relationship banker, poet, author, and Board Chair of the Georgia African Diaspora Development Institute. She is a woman filled with creativity and innovation which was demonstrated during her tenure as PTA president at her son's elementary school. The school quadrupled its fundraising with a significant amount of revenue generated by her successful production of the School’s Spring Carnival. 

Nikki regularly serves children in the diaspora and has most recently donated sporting goods and school supplies to children in the Caribbean. She has also taken her philanthropy to the African continent with a sizable donation of BLT GOD TUF clothing, school supplies, food, and a monetary donation to the Osu Orphanage in Accra, Ghana.

Thank You

Much Love & Many Blessings
From Yours Truly,

Shenique "Nikki" Whymns

Happy Caribbean-American Heritage Month